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We've Moved!

Welcome to our new home on the internet!  We have relocated to a new ISP.  While we've moved files and the site database, our menus are not working properly.  The Recipes and Photos & Media modules are currently unavailable, however the issue should be corrected today.  Thanks for your patience!


Low Carb Living - Starting Third Month

Well, it's the beginning of June and I realized that my website and weight management journal has not been updated since March 29, 2010.  If this was a child I would be jailed for neglect!  Since that writing, many people have been asking if I'm OK because of my weight loss.  The answer is YES!  The weight loss is planned and I'm working on a long term weight management plan to address low HDL/LDL and high triglycerides.  Here is how I got to where I am today....


EchoLink Node 44686 Has Moved!

Who would have thought that my measly EchoLink station on 5W of power would have caused a frequency use conflict, but it did.  Since we've both been using 147.435 Mhz for about the same length of time, and they outnumber me, I've moved my EchoLink node to 147.405Mhz.  Please note the change.  This will also affect the Evanston Amateur Radio Community Simplex Radio net, which will now meet on this frequency.  Signal reports are welcome.




Low Carb/Low Sugar - Day 2

It's Day 2 and things are going fairly well, except that I went a bit over carbs today.  My daily goal is 20g and I hit 31.  One reason is that I made an assumption on the number of net carbs for sugar free Jell-O pudding.  I also had artichoke and red onions on a salad for lunch.  Had I not eaten those items, I would have been fine.



Low Carb/Low Sugar - Day 1

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been dealing with chest pains, loss of appetite, and light headed-ness.  All of the tests showed no problem, however while talking with the cardiologist during a stress test, I mentioned to him that my HDL/LDL cholesterol numbers were lower than normal, and triglycerides were high.  He explained that HDL-cholesterol was good while LDL-cholesterol was bad.  He also stated that triglycerides are the chemical form of fat.  He then went on to say that, in some people, staying away from refined sugars is not enough.  He recommended that I limit my carbohydrate intake to 20g or less a day.  He has a similar problem with numbers and it worked for him.  So.....my journey begins.


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